Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pneumonia :(

I went to the doctor yesterday, after going to the student health clinic before the weekend, because I have a terrible cough and chest pain and I can't even breathe deeply or make it through two sentences without coughing.

The heath center pretty much told me I have a virus, gave me some cough medicine (which ended up not helping one bit), and made me leave.

So yesterday, I go to the doctor, and then I get a chest x-ray, and it turns out I have pneumonia (that's an incredibly hard word to spell!). Which means antibiotics for a week, cough medicine with codeine in it for at night, and a new inhaler to control my asthma. Fantastic, except not at all.

So yeah. That was pretty much the extent of my day.

Oh, wait! We had a really cool artist come and speak to my photography and installation class today. Check out her work here.

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