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My Life List

Explore these Cities:
(spend at least a day exploring)







St. Petersburg, Russia

Explore these Countries/States:
(spend a few days exploring)


Alaska - Completed- June/July 2010- went to Anchorage for a church conference/mission trip. Explored Anchorage, Seward, the road between Anchorage and Seward, Denali National Park, and Fairbanks area. Plan on going back during time when it is dark 24 hours a day.




The Yukon



Experiences to Have

Get married

Become a parent

Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Photograph the Northern Lights

Climb the Eiffel Tower

Explore Yellowstone National Park - Completed- June 2006- will be going back to spend more time!

Explore Yosemite National Park

Hike to the top of Half Dome

Swim the Strait of Dover (English Channel, 21m wide)

Attend a MLB Playoff Game -Completed- October 5, 2008- Philadelphia Phillies at Milwaukee Brewers

Attend a regular season NFL game (preferably Green Bay Packers)

Go on a mission trip outside of the United States

Fly First Class -Completed- March 23, 2009- Phoenix, AZ to Milwaukee, WI. My mom and I volunteered to give up our seats on our flight the day before. They gave us first-class tickets on a flight the next day.

Stay at a ridiculously expensive hotel for a night

Swim under a waterfall

Make/help make a documentary

See the sunrise over the Atlantic -Completed- January 2010- Marineland Beach, Florida

See the Sunset over the Pacific -Completed- June 2006- Huntington Beach, California

Scuba dive

Skills and Achievements

Learn French Fluently

Get a university degree- in progress- University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Pursuing degrees in photography and journalism

Own a house

Read the entire Bible cover-to-cover

Read On the Road by Kerouac