Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inspiration and photos and fears

I was going to start out this post with a quote from my media law class, but after I typed it I realized that it might send the feds after me. So I'll just tell you it had something to do with directions on how to make a nuclear weapon. But I swear, it was all for the understanding of law-type stuff!

Anyways, today was sort of a weird day. I had no motivation to go to 3 of my 4 classes, but I forced myself to and ended up being pretty happy I did. I'm especially happy I had 2 strokes of inspiration, one for each of the 2 photo projects I need to do in the next week. And especially for my project for installation… it's too long to explain, but I am super excited for this one!

Tonight I've been going through old photos to use for said photo project. Which is… emotional. I realized there are a lot of memories I tend to suppress because it's either too hard for me to think about or the person associated with that memory is someone who hurt me or I hurt them. But I'm not staying away from those photos. I'm putting them in as an effort to try to move on. Let go.

I also had a really deep conversation with a classmate I don't know all too well about fears. Specifically my fear of never finding my "soul-mate" or future husband. Her fear is opposite of mine, which is falling out of love with her future husband. Neither of us did anything to console or help each others fears, but it was nice putting it out there. And being transparent for once.

So yes, that was my day. I have Glee and NCIS on my DVR, so if you watch those shows, please don't tell me anything about them!

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