..:: About ::..

I'm no good at writing "about me" type pages, but I'll do my best.

My name is Kristin Lewis. I am 22; I'm currently pursuing degrees in photography and journalism at UW-Milwaukee. I work part time at a local restaurant as a host/any position they need me to do. I volunteer in youth ministry at my church.

I'm an extrovert, however I can also be extremely shy when I'm nervous. I love to be inspired and strive to be inspiring. I love traveling, I don't like being in the same place too long. I love to take pictures. Lately I've been trying to learn to be a better designer.

I'm a dreamer, which sometimes I hate. I tend to make big, probably unrealistic plans , that never pan out. It can be a little bit depressing. I'm a little bit of a hopeless romantic, but at the same time I have a hard time believing true love exists.

I try to live the best life I can, love others, and generally be a good person.