Monday, February 28, 2011

One Screen at a Time

I've heard a lot about people taking a technology fast. You know, going a few days, a week, or longer with out their cell phones, computers, TV, etc. I wish I could do that, but I can't. It's not that I am not able to because I am THAT dependent on them, it's because of school. I cannot go a few days without using my computer, because being a photography major, taking a digital photography course, I pretty much need my computer every few days. I couldn't even go without my internet because of the online drop box I have to turn in my assignments for journalism in to.

So, I was thinking I'd have to wait until after the semester to do a technology fast. However, today I read a column in Entertainment Weekly about the columnists voyage to consume less media. He realized that too often he is using two or more screens at once.

I do this too. Surf the internet as I watch TV. Check my email on my phone, while watching a documentary on my computer. The list goes on. Instead of devoting my attention to one thing, I am constantly multitasking.

My new goal is to only use on screen at a time. Today was my first day, and not only was doing homework easier than doing homework and watching a movie at the same time, when I sat down to watch Pretty Little Liars (don't judge), I actually watched it, let myself escape for an hour, then came back and sent out the emails I needed to. The emails would've taken me the entire hour had I tried to so them at the same time as watching the show.

I'd call the first day a success. I hope that I can not only make this a habit but expand it to one tab open in my internet browser at a time (right now I have this page, facebook, twitter, and my email open… not productive.) I hope that I can become more focused, productive, and consume less media, but still keep up on current events, film, and the shows I like to watch. And actually watch these things.

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  1. I tried this today, I turned my laptop off and just watched the movie, no distractions. It was nice! Thanks for the challenge.